School House Rescue Bundle


The School House Rescue Bundle has thoughtfully been created to provide the most optimal support for lay rescuers in any school/training center environment. With careful selection of each product, we at AEDWholesale believe that we are providing you with the best AED set up at the best value! We have selected the ZOLL AED 3 as one of the most efficient AEDs for treating both adult and pediatric patients. It is equipped with features such as a “child button” that when pressed adjusts the AED’s shock to be appropriate for pediatric patients and the CPR Uni-Pads III are designed for use with adult and pediatric patients. These features may be very valuable in a school setting where a person of any age may require the assistance of an AED and CPR.

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Optimal AED Features for School Application

  • Simplistic Design
  • Simple Adult / Pediatric Rescue
  • Real CPR Help® For Rate and Depth of Compressions
  • Clear Voice Prompts and Visuals
  • Easy To Follow Text Display
  • Real-Time Feedback For Rate and Depth of Compressions

Optimal Package Features for School Application

  • Secure Storage
  • Easily Visible
  • Easy Access
  • Cost Effective


  • Fully-Automatic ZOLL AED 3 Unit
  • Uni-Padz III Defibrillator Pads (2 Sets)
  • Non-Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • AED Storage Cabinet
  • 2-Way Projection Wall Sign
  • ZOLL® AED 3 Carry Case
  • “AED Equipped” Facility Decal
  • Inspection / Maintenance Tag
  • CPR / AED Rescue Kit
  • Medical Prescription / Authorization
  • UPS Ground Shipping (Lower 48 States Only)


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