AED Service Plan


AED Service Plan

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  • Annual AED Inspection: An AED Always Ready certified technician will visit your location annually to inspect and interrogate each AED in your deployment to ensure you follow state and federal compliance regulations as well as to ensure your AED equipment is operating within manufacturers specifications. (bronze, silver, gold, platinum)
  • Online AED Tracking: Each state requires AED owners to maintain and manage their devices in compliance with specific manufacturers recommended maintenance guidelines. Our Always Ready preventive maintenance plans comply with this directive. Your AED information is entered in our secure, private tracking portal and will give you 24/7/365 access, allowing you to virtually inspect your pad and battery expiration dates as well as any maintenance performed. You will receive timely email reminders letting you know when you have pads or batteries up for renewal. (bronze, silver, gold, platinum)
  • Recall Notification: If your life-saving AED is ever subject to an FDA-Field Corrective Action or Recall, each manufacturer is required by law to notify AED owners of the event. However, the notification process may take months or even years. If the point of contact the manufacturer has on file has left your organization, you may never know your device is under recall until it is too late. Our recall and field corrective action notification service will keep you informed as to the status of your deployment for the life of the agreement. We will inform you as to next steps to resolve the issue to keep your deployment Always Ready. (bronze, silver, gold, platinum)
  • Event History Downloads: If you deploy your AED for patient treatment, a certified AED Always Ready technician will visit you within 48-hours (M-F) to download the AED event history and give you a digital as well as hard copy of the event. The event history may be requested for further patient treatment or for medical evaluation. (silver, gold, platinum)
  • Event History Submission: Many states now require patient AED event history to be submitted to the Department of Public Health, Regional EMS Council or local hospital etc. Keeping up with compliance guidelines is time-consuming as well as daunting. Our Always Ready Silver, Gold and Platinum Always Ready plans will take this cumbersome task off your desk and keep you in full compliance. (silver, gold, platinum)
  • Free Pad/Battery Replacement (Patient Care): If your AED is deployed for patient care, your certified AED Always Ready technician will replace any disposable that may have been used such as pads as well as batteries as needed. Additionally, your AED will be inspected, cleaned, tagged, logged, certified and placed back in service. (silver, gold, platinum)
  • Free In-Service AED Training: An added benefit of many of our Always Ready preventive maintenance plans includes a free, annual, onsite AED in-service training session. While this is not a certification class, the value-added benefit of this free in-service AED training will give your responders a level of confidence beyond their training renewal every two years. (silver, gold, platinum)
  • Free Adult/Pediatric Pad Replacement: 45% of all AED failures are a direct result of expired, dead or missing pads and batteries. It is imperative that management of these lifesaving items are kept up to date. Our Always Ready Gold and Platinum plans will take this important task off your desk. Each year during our annual maintenance visits, your AED Service America tech will replace any disposable item that would expire before the next visit. YOU can rest assure that we will keep your AED deployment in compliance and Always Ready (gold, platinum)
  • Free Battery Replacement: Our Always Ready Gold and Platinum plans will ensure you will never have an annoying or dangerous “beeping” device because of a low-capacity battery. During our annual service visit, your AED Service America technician will replace your AED batteries as needed, well in advance of it ever becoming a nuisance or danger. (gold, platinum)
  • Protocol Updates: Every five years the AHA reviews defibrillation standards to see if there is evidence based research to support changing defibrillation protocols. While the standard today is “one-shock followed by two minutes of CPR”, that protocol may change. If any change occurs to the current standards, your AED Always Ready technician will update each of your AEDs onsite as soon as the software updates become available. (gold, platinum)
  • Field Corrective Action Updates: There are times when a manufacturer determines there may be a potential issue with one of their AED models. When that occurs, they must notify the FDA. If the issue is something that can be corrected in the field the FDA will issue a FCA (field corrective action) rather than a full-scale recall. The FCA is an issue that is then corrected by the AED owner. Our Always Ready Gold and Platinum plan includes updating your AEDs for you. You will never have to wonder if your FCA was managed or AED updated correctly! (gold, platinum)
  • Free Loaner AED: Your AED must remain in-service as often as possible! Given the fact there will be times when your AED may be in non-working status our Always Ready Platinum plan will provide the free use of a “loaner” AED until your AED has been repaired and returned. This added benefit will give you the assurance you need, to know you will always be protected. (platinum)
  • Free Storage Cabinet Maintenance: Most AEDs are stored in wall-mount storage cabinets. Most cabinets require the 9-volt battery as well as strobe bulb to be replaced at regular intervals. Your AED Always Ready technician will maintain and manage your cabinets as part of your annual visit saving you from the time-consuming task (platinum)
  • Recall Management: Having to manage an AED recall is a labor intensive, logistical nightmare. Each AED is collected from its location and sent back to the manufacturer often without pads, batteries, carry case, rescue kits etc. These often get lost or misplaced. When the AEDs are returned, often the accessories are never fully recovered. Our Always Ready Platinum plan will allow you to pass this cumbersome task on to us. We will retrieve each device from its location, retain the parts not being shipped back to the manufacturer and then send the devices back. When your devices are ready to be returned, we will receive the devices, reassemble, inspect and then return them back to their location of origin. Never has the management of a recall been so seamless and easy for you! (platinum plan)
AED Service Plan

Basic 1-8 Years, Basic+ 1-8 Years, Advantage 2-8 Years, Signature 2-8 Years

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